Success stories of BID Group One in quality conventions

Below is an example of each level with companies awarded by BID.


Combining technology and expertise, this company offers advanced solutions for the construction industry, specifically for the sector of controlled demolition of buildings and large structures. Its reputation for excellence in its processes and rigorous compliance with the times has made it a leader in Excellence. Experts in robotic demolition and the use of state-of-the-art hand saws to cut reinforced concrete, Diamond Drilling has been recognized by BID as an example of innovation and excellence.


Saudi Arabia's main industrial port, with more than 34 mega loading and unloading berths, allowing the mobilization of more than 70 million tons per year. King Fahd's port is currently considered one of the largest industrial ports in the world and the largest in the Red Sea. IDB recognized the authorities in charge of this mega infrastructure for their commitment to Excellence and Quality, and above all, for their absolute dedication to implementing Continuous Improvement.


One of Portugal's most successful networks of clinics, created and run by Dr. Humberto Barbosa, this clinic has become ultra-specialized in anti-aging medicine and is internationally renowned for its anti-aging cream. Created by the combination of some of the most exclusive ingredients on the face of the Earth: Gold, Mother of Pearl, Royal Jelly and White Orchid among others, this cream has turned Dr. Barbosa into an internationally recognized figure and a synonym of Quality and Excellence.


One of the most successful construction companies in the United States of America, Turner has managed countless mega-structures and emblematic buildings, including the Madison Square Garden in New York or the largest building in the world: the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It was precisely because of its successful supervision of the construction of the Burj Khalifa that BID recognized Turner Construction in 2006 as an indisputable international example of Quality and Excellence.


Exploiting in a sustainable way and with social commitment, the powerful tourist attraction Bolivia, especially the salt flat of Uyuni, this project has grown consolidating its leadership as an example of excellence and absolute commitment with the Total Satisfaction of the Consumer. Creating multiple tourism options and experiences tailored to different types of visitors, offering services to people from all regions of the world, Red Planet was recognized by BID for its commitment to the implementation of the Improvement.