Advertising Technologies

Throughout the entire span of the XX Century, advertising has become the key element behind marketing success. But in recent years, since the advent of social media networks, the idea of “the media is the message” has shifted, dwindling the effectivity of traditional marketing channels. 

BID Group is a conglomerate of different marketing oriented companies and service providers, that through the past 30 years, have seen and take active part in the global evolution of marketing. And evolution that has lead BID Group to understand that the most effective marketing practices, regardless of the technological challenges that may come, are the ones based on leadership endorsement to promote the brands, ideas, companies, and organizations, making them easier to relate to. This makes the message of any given company, more powerful. Leadership is an efficient tool to protect the ideals and philosophies of the organization, but also to become a disruptive and innovative force that provides confidence in the market, and creates interest and fidelity among a large percentage of the general public. 

BID has spent 32 years teaching, providing and supporting more than 30,000 companies and organizations from all over the world, using leadership endorsement as the most cost-efficient tool to promote a brand ideals, products and services.