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1 - Why BID Awards mean learning and training in the world of Quality Culture?

Receiving a BID Quality Award is attaining a powerful tool to boost the core values and ideas behind the Quality Culture and give them both profitability and feasibility in your particular line of business. To achieve an award is to create a powerful link in our minds between our actions and its successful results. It hard-wires the organization to work harder, better and with more motivation in the relentless pursuit of excellence.

2 - How does receiving the BID Quality Award affects the image of the winner?

Receiving a BID Quality Award triggers a positive perception in your audience, establishing the winner and his winning organization as a quality driven business or institutional project. BID Quality Award winners become internationally recognized brands of quality and excellence.

3 - What values can lead your organization to pursuit Quality and Excellence?

Some of the core values transmitted by BID are key to achieve Quality and Excellence. The promotion of respect, responsibility, accountability and control, and leading by example, allow companies and organizations to recognize and learn from their mistakes, and thus open new opportunities to grow.

4 - How can you create changes in your organization?

We believe that creativity and innovation are a must and should be enforced on all levels of any organization. We are constantly searching for new opportunities as well as new solutions, to achieve success. And we love to share our advances and discoveries in the complex yet much needed field of Quality Culture.

5 - How could we define the philosophy behind the BID Quality Awards?

The organizations that receive a BID Quality Award are empowered at their inner core, turning excellence and quality into achievable feasible goals. The most renowned quality gurus and leaders understand this, and promote teamwork focused on the belief that excellence is, indeed, achievable. They teach this through the values of integrity, sustainability, transparency, solidarity and work ethics.