The 4 Steps in Convention

The 4 Steps in the New York 2020 International Quality Convention BID

Combining a strong backbone of academic training, due to the alliance between BID Group One and the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, with solid practical experience encompassing more than 40 years of building brands and marketing actions through Quality Culture, BID celebrates the 2020 edition of the BID International Quality Convention in New York. To help you maximize the effect of attending we describe the ideas-strength that it is necessary to keep present to take full advantage of the International Quality Summit Convention and get the most possible benefits from this unique experience.

  • Companies and organizations nominated to participate have been selected using information obtained by the IDB Technical Panel. This information includes surveys, voting, direct nominations and OSINT (access to public information sources).

  • Leadership assures followers of employees and customers a level of service on Quality and Innovation that projects a positive impact on the people who relate to your organization.

  • The recognition that BID provides to the organizations and companies awarded becomes a media tool for the construction of its brand associated with the values of innovation, excellence, quality and improvement.

  • The solidity provided by BID Group thanks to its network of allies in 180 countries allowing multiple marketing actions: production of books, articles, magazines, videos and photographic material that exceeds 10 million unique records in the last 33 years.