BID carries out a selection process among companies and organizations highlighted for their manifest interest in Quality and Excellence. These companies and organizations are invited to participate in the annual editions of the Quality and Leadership Recognition Program. This program is carried out through BID's cycle of International Quality Conventions and gives the companies and organizations attending the event the marketing tools, management training, and networking access, necessary to guarantee their leadership as examples of Excellence and tireless pursuit of Continuous Improvement. 

This selection process is carried out by the BID Technical Panel which relies on public sources (OSINT) and different techniques for the analysis of freely accessible public information, as well as on a voting system, in which companies and organizations have completed the BID Quality and Leadership Recognition Program, and who have therefore been trained in Quality Culture, cast a vote nominating other companies or organizations that they consider to be operating under high-quality standards, that work in compliance with the fundamental principles of Quality Culture, that operate in challenging markets, or that have developed innovative business models. The criteria for casting votes are those expressed in BID’s QC100 Total Quality Management Model. 

Once the votes are cast, the BID’s Technical Panel evaluates each of the candidacies and reaches a final conclusion about them. 

A third way to participate in the BID Quality and Leadership Recognition Program is through voluntary nomination. In this scenario, companies and organizations that wish to participate in the BID International Quality Conventions cycle communicate directly with BID and request to be evaluated. They will then be required to provide information and data by filling out forms for this purpose. 

Once all the candidacies derived from all the available selection systems have been evaluated, the Technical Panel determines the final nominees and offers the chosen companies and organizations the opportunity to participate, as well as the terms and conditions of the BID Quality and Leadership Recognition Program.