Art Gallery

BID and BID Group One consider Art to be a vital fluid, as if it were the sap from the tree of life. José E. Prieto, President and CEO of BID and BID Group One, conceives business and institutional communication as a language that transforms products and services into works of art. Marketing actions, product presentations, social behavior analysis, branding and sales campaigns, are all derived from creativity, inventiveness and the incessant search for perfection. These prototypes are designed to transmit ideas, to inspire, to impact our minds and souls, transforming us. 

Art, in all of its forms, whether it be conceptual, editorial, industrial and environmental, has the power to inspire those who understand it at a conceptual level and as well for those who simply feel it. BID’s gallery gathers the effects, prototypes, designs and pictures, texts and videos which make up BID’s collection of images to transmit ideas and to touch and re-design companies and organizations all over the world.

This gallery is, in essence, the Art of Quality Culture, where the core of knowledge and performance creates an array of possibilities for practical application in conventions, seminars, publications and management.