Our Mission: Spread Quality Culture Worldwide

Business Initiative Directions (B.I.D.) has as its Mission the recognition, education and promotion of Quality Culture throughout the world.

In order to accomplish this, we have a powerful set of tools at our disposal, comprised by both excellent human resources and cutting edge techniques that allows BID to address: recognition, training and dissemination. Three key areas, while working towards excellence, keeping commitment to continuous improvement as our key to quality management.

We recognize Quality Culture present in companies, organizations and leaders who are committed to the values of process standardization, continuous improvement, corporate communications and investment of resources in staff training, which improve the management of the various Total Quality models currently in use.

We educate in Quality Culture through seminars, courses and conventions held every year in the cities of Paris, New York, Geneva, Madrid, London and Frankfurt, among others. We are also creators of technical and academic content on Quality Culture in multiple formats such as: print journals, manuals and textbooks, online training sites, and a wide variety of audiovisual content consisting of short documentaries, radio programs and video courses.

We promote Quality Culture internationally from our powerful online platform and through physical media. Theoretical content regarding Quality, as well as news about leaders at the forefront of new ideas in businesses and organizations in this important field, is expressed in five different languages: English, French, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese. In this way we generate a steady stream of high-quality, original content, making us a worldwide reference point for Quality Culture.