BID History

Business Initiative Directions: Three Decades Dedicated to Quality

During his entire career, José E. Prieto has worked in the international business environment in the area of quality, starting off by providing support and concrete advice to businesses and organizations of the United States to expand to Europe.  It was in these years when Business Initiative Directions (B.I.D.) was founded in the U.S. and in Spain in 1986.

From this point onwards, BID begins to operate in Europe. This process started with Paris, the City of Light, beacon of European development and avant garde thinking. Next came Geneva, headquarters for United Nations in Europe, and heart of the international non-governmental activism, and lastly BID reached Frankfurt and London, Frankfurt being the German metropolis and the think tank and laboratory for Europe’s technology development, and the British capital, the hub for world finance.

Somewhat after this initial period of expansion, the directors of BID chose New York as its launching point in the United States in order to meet increasing demand to provide a U.S. point of reference for business or professional endeavors.

Today, BID holds seven annual Quality Conferences, and in 2015 announced a groundbreaking agreement between BID Group One – leading company of BID – and the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM Madrid Technical University), in order to produce a series of seminars on topics of mutual interest in Europe as well as the United States.

What is BID and what does it represent?

BID is regarded today as the most effective and cost efficient organization working globally in the promotion and practical application of the Total Quality Management Models.

The primary mission at BID is the recognition, education and promotion of quality culture among leaders of prominent companies and organizations.

BID does its part every year by promoting, producing and sponsoring conferences, seminars, publications and awards which highlight the ideas and accomplishments of those leaders that relate to the implementation of Total Quality Management.

In fact, it was BID’s CEO, José E. Prieto, who, together with a team of engineers, mathematicians, economists, sociologists and journalists who designed the QC100 total quality model, creating what is considered by many as the most comprehensive and effective tool for quality management in existence today.

BID leadership as global reference in the promotion of the Quality Culture, is reinforced and reestablished every year, through special awards, designed to recognize the enormous effort put into play by the companies and institutions, leaders of their own fields, into the establishment and execution of Total Quality Models. These are the companies and organizations that in the end have become spearheads for industry, setting the parameters for excellence.

How do BID awards promote Total Quality Culture?

The existence of prizes such as the Deming in Japan or the Baldrige in the United States or the EFQM in Europe show just how important quality culture is in the world today. It is a culture that B.I.D. seeks to promote by offering not only timely and deserved recognition to those leaders who work daily to excel and improve, but also providing proper mass communication coverage so that the each company or organization’s success stories and work philosophy can be shared internationally.

This continuous support provided by BID is accomplished taking into account and respecting unique quality criteria as defined by the demands and environment of each market in which businesses around the world operate.  For that reason, BID has created a number of distinct awards and categories adapted to particular markets, which are supported by communication and media support to award winners.

Through their association with the BID family of companies and fellow awardees, and organizations who participate are afforded the opportunity to become influencers, judges, advisors, and worldwide business and organizational leaders. These are men and women who, from their positions as executive level business professionals, have demonstrated their commitment to investing in quality processes, converting them into managers of excellence and Quality Ambassadors.

Our group and our clients are business and professional leaders who have accepted the challenge from BID and have joined a team of entrepreneurs and business people who want to make a difference, who want to blaze new trails and help others to follow. These are people who are not satisfied with doing things the way they have always done and for whom it is not enough to merely do the job expected, but who want to transcend and transform themselves and their organization using the principles of Total Quality Management.